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Worrying is still the fact that nobody has said that the existing building will be retained. Expect demolition.
As for the tablets, the best place for those would be in Ashton Library !!!
The school and current head have about as much heritage sensibiity as a drooling developer from what I’ve heard on the AGS facebook page over th elast year or two. The school has ben unable to pass all Ashton Grammar’s shool phoros (discovered by visiting past stufìdents on a visit), stuffed under the stage in the school hall) to the Wigan Heritage people on request..
The tablets with the fallen in the wars are I believe ‘hidden’ behind curtains at the back of the hall .
The school’s own quad-centenary fresco being dumped in a skip.
The list goes on sadly.
Don’t expect Byrchall High to cherish the towns heritage is the message being given.

The tablets are Best in ASHTON library, certainly not in Wigan. as a ‘trophy’ of the council who have shown scant regard for Ashton in recent years.

Best of all would be a ressurection of the local council in some form and continued use of the building for that purpose.
A health centre needs more room and pasrking than available on that site °(as discussed on the Ashton Pics fb page in recent days..

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