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Change to priority at Traffic lights top of Gerard Street.

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    I was at the junction of Bryn Street , Warrington Road, Liverpool Road and Gerard Street just after a accident that was attended by 1police officer 2 Ambulances were a car from Liverpool Road was in collision with a car coming out of Bryn Street. When you looked at the traffic lights and the Liverpool Road lights went onto red, it was just seconds before the lights from Bryn Street went onto GREEN and seeing that the lights on Liverpool Road are way up past the Catholic Club by the time the cars get to the junction of Bryn Street they can’t be seen before by the Bryn Street cars and it’s ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN. I pointed this out to the officer who said it was not their responsibility to report this. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE POLICE ARE RESPONSABLE FOR IF NOT ROAD SAFTY. There were never any problems when the sequence of the lights changed from Livrpool Road and Warrington Road was next as they could see the traffic from Liverpool Road but the way it’s been altered Bryn Road are blind.


    Seen this many times as the lights from Gerard Street and Liverpool road work together, if say two cars wish to turn right into Warrington Road from Liverpool Road it stops the through traffic into Ashton, when the lights change to red the two cars then turn into Warrington Road which is OK, the other cars should wait for them to change back to green before across the top of Bryn street as by this time Bryn Street will have changed to green

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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