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Development of Drummers Lane fields

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    The latest plan by Wigan Council is to change land currently classed as green belt into building land in the areas around Drummers Lane, Brocsteads, High Brooks, Low Brooks, and other land either side of the M6 sliproad.. If the plan goes ahead the land is scheduled to be used for warehousing. The roads in this area are already connected. At some times of day it’s extremely difficult to get in or out of Soughers Lane onto Wigan Road. The road is already used as a cut through for all types of vehicles many of their drivers having little or no regard for speed limits or residents safety. This plan combined with the development of Landgate and Sparrow Fields means that the last piece of greenbelt in Bryn will disappear. A fantastic amenity enjoyed by many people from Bryn will be consigned to history and be covered with concrete and tin sheds, with street lighting during the night and business 24/7/365. Can this be right?
    Is this what Bryn residents want?
    It seems that the council is hell bent on taking whatever greenbelt still survives. There are a number of such plans currently being proposed, Winstanley, Orrell, Ashton Heath, etc. Enough is enough.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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